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Best in Class Anatomy Models by Axis Scientific

With over 30 years of experience in the medical and educational industries, Axis Scientific presents a product line built on the foundation of our knowledge of what it takes to deliver the perfect price-to-performance balance.  Superbly developed in conjunction with teachers, administrators and our in-house design team, the Axis Scientific collection of anatomy models brings a new dimension to both the classroom and the teaching experience.  With new standards in education coming to classrooms all over the world, we know that simply manufacturing teaching models is not enough.  We proudly develop unique product materials to complement each of our anatomy models, such as our teacher-approved product manuals which feature actual photographs of each anatomy model (not illustrations), with every anatomical detail expertly labeled for teachers to use during both instruction as well as assessment.

We invite you to explore the ever-expanding line of Axis Scientific anatomy models here, or to contact us with inquiries to develop new products, customize our existing line, or to become an authorized dealer of Axis Scientific products.